Yesterday and few days ago posted a question that simply asking if Ichgio was constantly releasing his bankai, it was only demanding a simple yes or no but man how did it turned out to be it was not so nice, but anyway...

sorry guys but the answer was yes it was simply non-stop bankai until it all returns to nothing!!!


anyway looks like now chapter 420 was out Ichigo was revealing that Final Getsuga Tenshou is he to become Getsuga, however using this technique he will lose all his shinigami powers.

Hence the answer to the question above was a simple yes he was either actively or constantly releasing his bankai from the fight with Grimmjow up until now fighting with Aizen. (Not that it has got any relation but it should be simply awesome from chp277 until 420 now we are contemplating/comprehending Ichigo becoming powerless)

Whatever the arguments!!!

Whether how much compressed Ichigo's reiatsu into a small condenses so that he can perform bankai longer, or how vast Ichigo's spiritiual energy is, or how many fighters after fighter he had to battle, how long the time he had stayed in bankai whether 3 months and 1 day or only 12 hours, he even died twice along the way, whether he will be able to turn back into shikai or simply will turn to it, it does not even matter how many world and garganta he has to travel to and etc etc etc (say whatever you want you can run your mouth from Timbuktu to Timor-Timor be my guess)

sorry guys but the answer was yes it was simply non-stop bankai until it all returns to nothing!!!

This was simply extraordinary awesome and by no means no other shinigami has been able to display this capabilities up until now.(You can dream to death saying others shinigami/espada can do this but for me Bleach was simply about Ichigo, maybe I'll watch/read his father's arc too)

Only this time Ichigo after becoming Getsuga, after this fight against Aizen a completely evolved being in 3D finally, there will be only 1 outcome, after MUGETSU after moonless dark sky, Ichigo will simply lose all his shinigami power, and Aizen in his mind has already conceded defeats by saying Ichigo was simply more than 3D and Ichigo had simply surpassed him, we are now bracing a Powerless Ichigo.


lets brace for beings who is 4D!!! or maybe 5D or 6D...

And man KUBO TITE really have open more holes than any mangaka Id come accross, drawings awesome plot holes awesome, simply the best

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