Me naah - I believe him all this time even though I hate him being so mr nicey and politey... Gin seem nicer than Ichigo too - damn this!!!

1. in SS arc telling Ichigo about hogyoku is true

2. FKT arc continues to tells further about Ichigo and the hogyoku is true

Felt pity towards Aizen though because he is always being interrupted when ever telling us something important - let alone being stabbed by Urahara from the back... was so laughing this scene...

Anyway even though he is lying - the bad guys are always entitled to do what ever they wants - talk rubbish whatever they wants right?

So I'm with Aizen this time - as simple as that.

What are yours (may this issue/arguments be put to bed)???Soulreaper1234 22:38, April 22, 2010 (UTC)

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