Ichigo (My Life Is Boring)

Well at first when I got hook by Bleach, I came to know that this is about a 15 year old Japanese boy who finds his life is very bored except that he can see dead people. But that would change because he will finally meets someone who will change his life, which is Rukia Kuchiki. To be honest I was more into that Orange Asterisk song, I could not get it out my head when I first heard it on ANIMAX TV back in 2006. I watch the series just to hear the opening song and then the Arigatou closing song, it was on like it happen every 7pm, weird but true, I get hooked up by Bleach not because of the story line which more like the Sixth Sense movie with its mantra 'I See Dead People', but because of the songs.

Then as years gone by, following / watching / researching about Bleach even to the extent of trying to know who is the Authors and or Creators (Kubo Tite) etc...

Aizen (I Wanna Be God)

Then this bad guy (character) out of nothing in episode 61 came to life, Aizen Sosuke, well it got me to think that Mr Kubo was not just all about the cool songs on his anime only (did found out all the bands he did interviewed before he choose their song to be the cover of Bleach)... hell I was thinking this Bleach was deep rooted it is also (apart from Ichigo and his Hollow) about 'How to Become a God'... and this is all because of Aizen Sosuke...

Really I do not know what to expect at first it is complicated at most, even now I am a little frustrated at the way this Aizen guy being potrayed... even more so this has taken me four years to really understand about this all... From the years went by, we found out that;

He is the person who make Rukia and Ichigo miserable at first

He is the one who fooled everybody in Soul Society, he turn it upside down, it is all because of the Hogyoku, and making known to all that he is forming an alliance with the Hollows/Arancar/Espada no actually becoming their leader etc... this however resulting in almost all the powerful Arancar/Espada were wiped out...

The captains (Ukitake and Kyoraku) found out he is actually after the King's Key, and in order to do that he will annihilate the people residing in Karakura Town

He kidnapped Inoue to fools everybody

He framed Urahara Kisuke for Hollowfication, making Hirako Shinji and his friends into Vizard

He actually beat Hitsugaya/Kyoraku/SoiFon/Shinji so easily he even dare to spared them their life, and then Love, Rose and Komamura could not even get closer to him, he then ridicules the Captain Commander, with the help of Wonderweiss of-course like any good villain would.

We do know the true identity of Ichigo because his father is indeed a shinigami.

But Aizen are claiming that Ichigo is his research material, just to proves that events that happen from 110 years ago up until now was the Hogyoku desires, and he then claims that he just making it all happen, and when Isshin and Urahara arrive he told us that he is subduing the Hogyoku in order to become more powerful...

This is how I see it, he is actually telling us how he will become god... that time when it was suppose to be so straight forward in episode 61 (could not remember which chapter)... it took us years to understand how it was supposed to be done... damn!!!

So now until mid June, about 4 weeks from today we will now know what fate Aizen and his sidekick Gin would be, hopefully it would be 4 chapters and please no more I could not take this Aizen crap anymore, OMG it took us 4 years to finish Aizen.. (Well if we count the date when the manga was first issued it would take those hardcore fans a good 9 years until now)... Ichigo is still a 15 year old boy to be honest, I was 12 when first see this on TV... I am now older than Ichigo LOL

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