When Ichigo beat Whitey in Supress Your Inner Hollow, we really thought Whitey will disappear until after the next Movie, but no no no this is just prelude to what the movie will actually be. But those spoilers sites are saying it is all about HELL, can someone say something about this. (Okay he did appear again when butchering ULQUIORRA)

Anyway, what Whitey was saying Ichigo did made him disappear for good that time only to be brought back when Ichigo manage to have himself killed by Ulquiorra, so that is why he TRANFORM to that form at least what is what he is saying now, he will not let Ichigo dies that POWER will not let Ichigo dies and the thing would not dies.

Now Zangetsu ehemm Tensa fused with Whitey, so in the HISTORY of BLEACH this is the first time a Zanpakuto spirit had fused with (okay I dont like to call him Hollow but...) Whitey Ichigo masked in FULL HOLLOW FORM, so this somewhat the same as with Aizen fusing with the hogyoku but he say he is not HOLLOW being just a PERFECT BEING if I am not mistaken.

I do not know how you all view this things, but this I mean a really big thing is happening now I dont know what is more bigger than this than say killing Ulquiorra or Rangiku and Gin tragically love story they are all only extra (sorry to some fans who fanatically support these so called characters), but I mean all Ichigo and Whitey and Zangetsu fans please comment on this and if any Aizen fans want to join in you are more than welcome lets get this things started!!!

My take on this one Tensa/Whitey will never ever lets Ichigo DIES

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