Those steel gloves were specially made for countering Hierro (is an Arrancar technique creating steel hard skin strong enuff to block Zanpakuto - allows them fight Soul Reapers barehanded) - What is the names of this gloves - is it a weapon or just an armor - Aizen thought it was special, but anyway...

The fight between Ichigo and Gin (resumes)

Lets delve further into their conversation (Taken plainly from mangastream - would like to just copy & paste but to no avail)

Gin; Sure this is okay? - Your back's - Wide open, y'know -

Ichigo: Ku!!!!!

Gin: Aw, chill out - I was just joking - Wanna... slack of a little - (I thought this is so cool)

Ichigo: Wha - What are you saying...?

Gin: What's the big deal? - Let's watch - It's no use anyway - I've been with Aizen-san for a long time now, but it's the first time I've ever seen something like that - Well - He sucked in the Hogyoku when I WASN'T WATCHING, so I guess that's to be expected - Get it - Everything's ****ed now

Fullstop - Ichigo replies and bables etc etc and then Gin shrugged off Ichigo that he just does not gets the whole point of what he just said to him and said he is just a kid anyway... Gin was maybe a little dissapointed with Aizen but then said it was just as expected of Aizen, and things indeed got messed up... Just what the hell is Gin implying here - I really do not have any ideas base on facts - and I am afraid to delve further on my own opinion it would just triggers crack theories... Appreciate if any fans of Bleach reading this blog to put some positive comments what does Gin really implies here, especially those hardcore Gin Ichimaru's fans - thanks in advance - Regards

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