Aizen said after seeing [[ | Getsuga ]]... Ichigo now is a being more than 3D (three dimensional) and he went rage because he cannot accept the fact as it is and seem to accept defeat by this ----> OR <----

Ichigo said after [[ | Mugetsu ]] ... he will lost all his Shinigami Power (and just maybe plus all his Hollow Power gain from Hollowification?)

Of course the debate here is that if Aizen right why would Ichigo even losing his Shinigami Power should not have any power after that as long as he already went pass Aizen 3D concept (or I just don't get it, or maybe just wishing Aizen was right)

yeah we know Zangetsu (Shinigami Power) fused with Hollow Ichigo in Full Hollow Form then if Ichigo right he will become a normal human being restored from back when it all started on ground zero or more or less 3 months ago or in other words entirely lose "the more than 3D" concept by Aizen altogether

who do you think is right here because this is conflicting issue and what are your thoughts on this one? Or there is not any issue here would be okay too?

PS What does three dimensional being meant here is he referring to GOD-like dimension and...

What does Losing Shinigami Power meant does it meant only Shinigami Power or all his power...

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