Hello everyone here, anyway Im sure the second act started on the month of April too same as when it all first started when Ichigo first met Rukia (

so in the first Act we now know Ichigo is/are/etc;

1.1 his father lost shinigami power 20yrs ago

1.2 his mother was attacked by "something" at that night 20 yrs ago & his father unable to save her

2.1 he was born 16 1/2yrs ago was revealed later that Aizen knew all about him

3.1 when he was 9, mom died killed by that grand fisher hollow

4.1 1 1/2yrs ago (mid May) 1st met Rukia, borrowed her power & became a substitute shinigami, lost this power in July when he was attacked by Byakuya,

4.2 awaken his true shinigami power during July 21-31 through Urahara Shattered Shaft Training

4.3 Aug 5 when fighting Kenpachi nearly died, Zangetsu appears, brings him to his inner world meets Hollow Ichigo first time & fought for the right to wield Zangetsu, he won & merely beat Kenpachi (draw) & survived

4.4 Aug 5-6 Yoruichi helps Ichigo gains Bankai power

4.5 Aug 6 in the final death match against Byakuya, he nearly died, Hollow Ichigo takes over his spirit body & nearly kills Byakuya, but Ichigo regains conciousness take over his spirit body back & finally beats Byakuya

4.6 Sep 8 to Oct 8 Ichigo goes Vizard Training in order to take control over his Inner Hollow

4.7 Oct 11 when fighting Ulquiorra, he was killed, Hollow Ichigo takes over his spirit body and appears to be in a final form with full maximum power, defeated & nearly kills Ulquiorra but in the Ulquiorra did dies from Hollow Ichigo brutal attacks

4.8 Oct 11 helped by Isshin, Ichigo went Dangai Training in 1 hour (equals to 3 months in the real world) to learn Final Getsuga Tenshou, in this training Tensa Zangetsu also reveals that he & Hollow Ichigo was 2 beings in 1 spirit body from the begining

4.9 Oct 11 when finally fighting Aizen, Ichigo nearly beats & kills Aizen with Final Getsuga Tenshou in the form of Mugetsu, resulting in him losing his shinigami & hollow power altogether (Aizen did get defeated by Urahara's seal though)

<Act 1 or 48 volumes was estimated to have sold around 70 to 80 millions in Japan only>

So I have some 14 informations about Ichigo from the first act, and what will the second act added information that we still do not know about Ichigo & also Bleach. I am trying to digest new info, am now slowly forgetting about Rukia, the Lieutenants & Captains of Gotei 13, the Hollows that normally infesting Hueco Mundo, those Espadas survived or not, and the whereabouts of the Vizards. About 10 chapters or so people in any Bleach forums was/were still dicussing how will Aizen be revived, what did he planted in Orihime's, there are this Turn Back The Pendulums 2 characters introduced not long ago, then there's this cool Hell Arc movies that I bet if Kubo would delved into a few arcs incorporate it in the original manga chapters & volumes would easily sold about 20 millions or more (just betting), man I still have not seen this movie.

However out of the sudden Xcution & Fullbring came out on the open, blows every Bleach fans worldwide, where do we go from here now, what new information this Xcution guys have now provided us with & or will, and what is Fullbring. What is/are the second Act all about?

Any comments will be appreciated, but am very sure all crack theorise will be deleted.

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