What is the title of Chapter 403?

Wow, Aizen completely fused with the Hogyoku, still he is saying if he is being control by IT then Urahara own techniques (the Handcuffs) would have had beaten him already... maybe what he is trying to say in the first place should be 'I finally controlled this thing', and then when Urahara arrive he should have said 'the thing has finally controlled you'... then it would be too easy I guess...

Anyway the new form that manifested with Aizen is however I think is much more better than Tosen form, I think it is not that ugly but still white ugly... I'm not Ichigo like 'What the **** is that!!!'... more so like OoO that white thing... just a normal white angel waging war on heaven... trying to be godlike etc etc etc...

Then finally Yoruichi-San arrived... may not be much anticipated by the majority... not much more so than Isshin shock involvement and Urahara grand entrance, but I think it still bring quite an excitement.

It seems to me this three has laid the plan out on how to take Aizen down. Really I do not have any ideas what is the rope, but it seems trying to hold down Aizen and let Yoruichi attack him, but to no avail, Aizen still alive, a little broken though and his rage is building... he is mad... but wait this does not indicate anything any than Yoruichi-San arrival... (

Wait a minute - do we need another Quincy - in the form of Ryuken Ishida... just to finish things off, then this would be cracking and jacking up more baseless theories (but when Ichigo and the others leave for Hueco Mundo, Isshin did visit Ryuken, and Mr Kubo does not show us anything after that, he left that lines hanging, just thought when old friends meet they are lots of things to talk about right)

So guys what do you think of chapter 403, I am guessing, they will be LAME, BORING, maybe some INTERESTING but for me it is not that mind boggling though... it just like oh Aizen turns all white... and Yoruichi-San kicking Aizen's ass

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