This god forbidden question maybe related with Aizen fusing or subduing the Hogyoku. Remember when Urahara showed up in Fake Karakura Town, they had little swipe with Urahara's saying Aizen fused with the thing then Aizen retaliating saying it was he subduing the thing so that the thing become his slave.

Anyway I did personally support Urahara's opinion here, now it is evidence Aizen was saying now HOGYOKU is not letting him get beaten by a mere Human Being (Ichigo). Okay I am now criticizing Aizen (not Kubo okay; say this is personal already and its between me, Ichigo, Aizen, and I am just tired people spewing tirade towards Kubo whatever he has done with Aizen here, just get over it and just read and just move on and keep Loving Bleach... Orihime's Kurosaki-Kun thingy included).... he say he is superior (Transcendental) than any other being now, what does he think is he out of his mind is he crazy turning into that thing I don't get it with Aizen, he says he wanted to destroy the boundaries but it is evident he is not that Perfect Being he promised earlier... he is totally very wrong here, I thought he said he subdued the Hogyoku now he is saying the HOGYOKU will not let him get beaten by Ichigo... come on Aizen. Then the form was more Hollow than a perfect being not that I'm speculating here but because Aizen did promise us he will bring himself more greater than that of a God himself, LMAO where's our GoD now Aizen, and the FORM did seems like IT was the most POWERFUL hollow ever seen in Bleach... even maybe stronger than the form Ichigo takes up unconsciously against Ulquiorra, and why is that he has 3 holes, 5 eyes, 7 mouths and 7 heads plus correct me if Im wrong he has grown some tail, oh yeah he stills have wings rite, but he does not have any horns does he? Then those 6 heads could fires some CEROs from their mouths LOL from 6 directions, what should we call'em LONG NECKS and how to survive this attacks anyway (just Ichigo's left hand)... really Aizen plan has backfired already instead of outsmarting a shinigami kid, he relied on simply brute evolved and mutated strength, how lame was Aizen now... I am sorry Aizen (and also his legion of fans, hope ya all not offended) the end is near but maybe give a couple few more chapters just hopefully maybe Aizen have more TRANSCENDENTAL attacks up in his sleeves (like he have any sleeves rite now). Oh anyone have any ideas what is that triple round things seemingly hanging around when he choked Ichigo's neck.

What about Ichigo, Human & Shinigami Hybrids? Just a kid 16 year old, His transcendental form here if I am not mistaken was the result of the fusing between Hollow Ichigo & Tensa Zangetsu or they were always 2 parts in ONE soul or 2 Soul in 1 spirit being, or did he beat the hell out of this 2 IDK but finger cross hope Kubo will give us a few chapter about this fights to learn FGT yes FGT. This Guy since the Beginning well how can I critrize him now. Maybe balance and controlled here are the best answers, from the GET GO (Rukia at the beginning) he always had big issue with controlling his REIATSU, unlike those Captains, Vizards, Espada, even Ishida and Ganju seems better than he is at that. Then okay I did find flawed in his character, in school he likes to pick fights and saves his friends from being bullied, in short, he like to fights, but then when he has the potential to become more powerful, he lost the plot right away, and why is that he is afraid of becoming more and more like Kenpachi, like Hollow Ichigo, who LOVES to fights, the later LOVES to WINS & KILLS, this was his issue before he went for the "3 months" training. Maybe in the end he has accepted his fate, that he loves to fights and loves to wins, but also with power to controlled he maybe have what it takes to controlled the inner beast of its killing desires. Cum next chapter lets us feast the Final Getsuga Tenshou lets see what have become Ichigo.

Anyone who reads this please feels free to comment anything, but do it in the context of the site. Thank you.

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