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  • Soulreaper1234

    Hello everyone here, anyway Im sure the second act started on the month of April too same as when it all first started when Ichigo first met Rukia (

    so in the first Act we now know Ichigo is/are/etc;

    1.1 his father lost shinigami power 20yrs ago

    1.2 his mother was attacked by "something" at that night 20 yrs ago & his father unable to save her

    2.1 he was born 16 1/2yrs ago was revealed later that Aizen knew all about him

    3.1 when he was 9, mom died killed by that grand fisher hollow

    4.1 1 1/2yrs ago (mid May) 1st met Rukia, borrowed her power & became a substitute shinigami, lost this power in July when he was attacked by Byakuya,

    4.2 awaken his true shinigami …

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  • Soulreaper1234

    I would just like to say what a nice feelings it finally ends, and who better then to finish off Aizen, Mr Sandal & Hat Man Urahara Kisuke, what a 110 years of grudge befall it finally comes to an end at least for now.But do not get me wrong Bleach does not end here, PERIOD.

    Back to the question, to be honest, Mugetsu was so quick and I do not know what to say other than its too quick and dangerous it was like what Ichigo said "finish this in an instant", it was so quick. It was simply The darkness Ended too Quick. Then this happen, Ichigo notices Aizen who falls near him (and I thought finally Aizen a done deal but wait...) he was regenerating again, WHAT!!! And Ichigo started to lose his power like just what he and Tensa Zangetsu said, Ai…

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  • Soulreaper1234

    Aizen said after seeing [[ | Getsuga ]]... Ichigo now is a being more than 3D (three dimensional) and he went rage because he cannot accept the fact as it is and seem to accept defeat by this ----> OR

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  • Soulreaper1234

    Yesterday and few days ago posted a question that simply asking if Ichgio was constantly releasing his bankai, it was only demanding a simple yes or no but man how did it turned out to be it was not so nice, but anyway...

    sorry guys but the answer was yes it was simply non-stop bankai until it all returns to nothing!!!


    anyway looks like now chapter 420 was out Ichigo was revealing that Final Getsuga Tenshou is he to become Getsuga, however using this technique he will lose all his shinigami powers.

    Hence the answer to the question above was a simple yes he was either actively or constantly releasing his bankai from the fight with Grimmjow up until now fighting with Aizen. (Not that it has got any relation but i…

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  • Soulreaper1234

    I already put this in a forum a while ago, anyway here goes it in the blog, just wants to knows what you guys think. Already got 2 response saying it as stupid and crazy; stupid - if he is constant release bankai then he would not able to goes back to shikai anymore and, crazy - that would mean Ichigo in bankai for about 3 months and this would be crazily exhausting.

    Is it in any ways doing a constant release was accidental and coincidentally or would it be talent, capabilities and or skills?

    We know that if he isnt in bankai we would see his normal shikai and his normal shihakusho. When episode 288 was out it gives us chance to review about Ichigo's bankai, that his shihakusho wa…

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