I am having a trouble with the wikia.What i am editing is not shown in the wikia after 3-4 hours.Last week i voted for Ichigo VS Aizen on the wiki arena.After 1 day it was gone.I again voted for Zangetsu(Hollow ichigo picture one),and when i saw it yesterday my vote disappeared. I was the 1st one to vote.I had put 3 suggestions on the suggestion box of wiki arena.All of them was gone. I tried putting 1 by 1 on each day,but still it didn't work.There's no problem in the blog though. Am i the only one having a trouble like this in the wiki or are there others having the same problem?The three suggestions are these: Ichigo & Rukia vs. Ichigo & Inoue: Which is the better pair?User:Sosuke Aizen008Kazeshini (Zanpakutō spirit) vs. Hollow Ichigo: Who is more destructive? User:Sosuke Aizen008Shunpo vs. Sonido: Which is the fastest? User:Sosuke Aizen008

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