Bleach cant end yet. we have yet to see:

Who killed Kirge?

What happens to Byakuya, Renji, and Rukia?

What happens to all Captains who had their Bankai stolen?

Will Zanka no Tachi destroy the Soul Society?

Who or what is Squad 0?

Whats Unohanas TRUE ability?

Will Ichigo get out of the Jail?

Wheres Uryu?

What happens to Nel and co.?

Hallibel and her Fraccion's fate?

Jushiro and Shunsui's bankai?

Where is Mayuri?

What possessed Jidanbo and Rin?

Some horrible side story about Aizen...

Fights between the captains and their opponent Stern Ritter.

Izuru Kiras fate?

Kubo's claim that Grimmjow may return.

Does the Vandenreich have standard solders?

Bleach manga can't end just yet. Kubo needs to find a way to keep it going. Personally, I think that the Vandenreich will retreat where other Stern Ritter will be waiting as reinforcements. I mean since Kubo is going by letters, there could be 26 Stern Ritters. A-Z. We've only seen a few. Whats left of them could be what forces Squad 0 into action.

Your thoughts? And I know that may be jumping to conclusions but not as much that someone would believe this stuff has actually happened or not.

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