So... I'm back. To me, this chapter was... hmm... interesting. I think the only thing that caught my attention was how did Urahara analyze the hot spring water to be capable to make his own?

And the Oken. Aizen wanted to make it to get to the Palace by taking every soul in Karakura Town to create it. So, if the Royal Guard's bones are the key, then Aizen was pretty much on track. If the key doesn't take a distinct shape, then that means the Royal Guard members ARE the key. If Aizen forged the key out of souls, he could have created an artificial being.

".. that thing..." Aizen was right: again. The Soul King, in my opinion, is a thing. A fragile, slender person, in a containment bubble that probably protects him or keeps him alive, is the King of Souls. Thats a huge gap between the buff, age-withered Yamamoto whose Zanpakuto couldn't be touched by anyone in the Soul Society, as head of the Gotei 13. Nice contract. Though I shouldn't underestimate Kubo's logic. It will come back and hit me in the face.

Lots a humor in the chapter. Blah, blah, blah. While I support Byakuya, he needs to die, or retire as a captain. Either way, I'd hate to see him leave. Rukia has been so much pain that I'm surprised shes not dead yet. As for Renji, getting smashed into the ground doesn't seem as if it could be worse than a point blank Kido, getting shredded by Senbonzakura, or slashed by Aizen.

Keep comments clean... (If anyone even sees this blog.)

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