Okay, first and foremost, the "Bleach shoulder cut" is what most characters get and survive. This was not one of them. This just cut Yamamoto Genryūsai in half. He was brave to reach for Juhabach only to get his arm slashed. With Juhabach now in possession of Zanka no Tachi, and the Stern Ritters release their troops to slaughter the Soul Reapers, Squad 0 appears... or is it?

Remember, Kubo stated that Ishida would be key in this arc. Everyone thinks it's gonna be Ichigo. He's trapped. Get over it. And yet Kubo still illudes to us what happened to Kirge in Hueco Mundo.

Go and join Chōjirō, Captain Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.


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