Well now. It seems Juhabach set a trap for Yamamoto. Sending in Loyd's brother in as a decoy disguised as himself. Who knew there were two? Kubo really hit us with a curve ball because everyone was speculating the blonde guy was the real Juhabach. The real Juhabach was actually asking Aizen to join them. As much as I thought he would have said yes before I clicked to the next page, he said no which means less blood-shed on the Shinigami's part.

Also, bankai...? Really? Did Yamamoto really think that if he went bankai again against the REAL Juhabach he'd have a chance? Seems he, and us, were also mislead. It's not that they need information on his bankai, it's just that they needed someone strong enough to weild it.

The arrow from the sky made me think, "Uryu!?" but it was just a spirit weapon made of reishi.


If Kirge and Ivan tried to steal Ichigo's bankai/seal it, does that mean that both were not strong enough to capture it? Or is Yamamoto's hypothesis about it having room to evolve still stand?

Why did Aizen say no? Could it be he wants to help the shinigami?

Will we ever get back to the fights around the Soul Society and/or whats going on in Hueco Mundo?

I hope all of this will be answered in the new few chapters. The suspense is killing me.

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