what is the main real deal with the ex lieutenant of squad 6, i'm so confused, this is mainly because apparently he resigned so that he could sell glasses, however i remember urahara stating that no one really resigns in the gotei 13 its just really them being sent to the maggots nest for the rest of their creation, so if someone could clear this up to me, or by acciedent make me more confused,l that would be good, well not really the latter but i will thank the effort.

anyway enough of that issue it's time for the ta da da da. first official blog, unless it gets deleted then the next one will be the first official blog, lol. anyway people have proberly left my various comments around on various poelpes blogs but im just going to, hopefully, reiterate what i think so here i go.

  • i thought that the chapter was really good and i would give it an 8 or 9 out of ten
  • i reckon that the fight between ichigo and his hollow will be proberly simelar to their first ever fight and just be ichigo reclaiming all that is his.
  • also think that the foot would belong to a character not yet seen before such as the ex-lieutenant of squad 6 or the captain of squad 6 from 110 years ago

anyway lets see if any of these things actually happen, and leave any comments on your ideas and dont forget the squad 6 thing.

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