So here we are my first one of these about episodes wow. well basically just watched episode 278, if anyones wondering on, and i though it was quite good.

I will rate it 8/10 this is because i really liked it. It was good how it had kyoraku, apologies for spelling, and ukitake fighting stark which i found quite awesome with kyoraku doing the fighting as ukitake done all of the cero reversals and the actual fight was all animated quite well and i actually found that lately the animation is actually rather good and getting better and i found the quality of it quite good as well. however I did feel rather sorry for toshiro because he even admitted that he was pretty beat up and you could tell he was glad that he defeated her but when wonderwiess came onto the scene and let harriebel out of the ice it meant that he had to fight all over again. however wonderwiess was quite cool in the episode, because i never really liked him much, found him creepy, but i actually liked him in this episode, as i knew from the manga, he owned ukitake to easily, but it was quite cool to see.

it was also pretty good how they builtup the atmosphere of despair up right before the end of the episode with ukitake and kyoraku falling to the ground and kira realising all hope is lost, it really seemed like it was over and the shinigami would lose, but then there was hope again, yay, this time in the appearance of the vizard. however in saying this i didnt like the song that was playing while they were being introduced. the preview clips for next week was also rather funny with komamura and wonderwiess having a growling contest, it was lol. and the omake was quite good and cant wait for a hopefully better ending, no offence to those of you hwho like it.

anyway i would like to hear your own comments on the episode and a rate out of ten if thats ok so thanks for reading this.

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