Well this is a little late but here we go.

I thought that this chapter was awesome and I would give it 5/5, one of my favourite chapters so far. The final getsuga tenshou, well where to begin, I thought that it was awesome. Ichigo looked so cool and i was smiling for ages after seeing it (when I see something cool I for some reason go into a smiling fit). It was also totally unexpected, I thought that the final getsuga tenshou would just of been like a regular getsuga tenshou but with like every ounce of strength Ichigo had, But looks like I was wrong, and I'm kinda glad I was so wrong. Also what is up with Aizen, he looks so... weird (couldn't think off a better word without swearing), so basically it's cool looking good guy versus the weird looking bad guy.

The Zollow Zangetsu and Ichigo scene was also really good. It seems that since going to his inner world we have seen a completely different side of Zangetsu, one that is more emotional and, if you ask me, a more truer being and side of him. But what I don't exactly get is how much control the hollow has and how much control Tensa Zangetsu has. however this chapter does pose many questions of what's coming up next etc. etc.

That's all. Great chapter and I hope I get at least one comment this week lol.

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