Well there is one word to sum up this chapter if you ask me and that is EPIC. Yes I loved this chapter, It was just so, well, awesome.

I believe that it is one of my favourites, I loved Ichigo in it, he was so cool. He literally keeps on getting cooler, it's like after weeks ago of him being a crybaby, he came back with a brilliant new look and he just owns Aizen. I also liked the way how he turned the tables on Aizen and began to question Aizen him and make him make the distance. Aizen is also getting stranger and stranger and well a bit weird. However though I do think that he does look slightly awesome but for some reason he faintly reminds me of greed from full metal alchemist, I know that was off topic lol.

So then Aizen with one of his masked wing thing then fires something that could be like a cero, i'm not going to speculate, but it seems to be close to the same power as Ulqiorra's javelin attack in his second release state, and Ichigo took a direct hit. I was like OMG. It was epic. and then Aizen got all cocky which just made it better when Ichigo just says that he's going to use the final getsuga tenshou.

Well I know I was being quite narrative there but I just loved the chapter and those bits were my favourites. Also this has got me on my toes for next week and what might happen, I also can't wait to see what the final getsuga tenshou is, I hope it is actually awesome because I don't want to be dissapointed, in saying that though even if it just was the same as a regular getsuga tenshou but just really powerful I probably wouldn't care to much as long as Aizen doesn't go into a fifth state and then own Ichigo.

For some reason I am thinking that Aizen may evolve like five more times and I will just be like, Wow he looks like a freak but then I would be like. boring. However Back to this chapter. I give it a 5/5 and just gotta say EPIC.

So that's that sorry for the tirade but I liked it. Also hopefully I get alot of comments, but just keep it clean.

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