Ok well where to begin, I'm not too sure. I found this chaper awesome and it didn't really reveal much, except how even Aizen the most calmest person in the whole entire universe of bleach is slowly losing it.

One of the most interesting points in the chapters was Aizens theory on Ichigos powers. That he gave up his reiatsu for brute force. Well I don't believe it one bit. I just think that Ichigo's new power and reiatsu is so great now that only people on a simelar power to his own can percieve it and others who are not even close power-wise to Ichigo feel nothing. If Aizens theory is actually true though then I don't really see a problem whatsoever. I think that the idea of Aizen being beaten up by just Ichigos fists. I think Aizen deserves it. and when was the last time that Ichigo had a fight with someone with just his fists, hmm, if i'm right I can only think of ganju.

Aside from this though I thought that the fighting was awesome and Ichigo made Aizen Use a level 90 kido WITH the incarntation. It was epic. I have never ever seen Aizen ever use an incarntation when it comes to Ichigo so It shows us how scared Aizen is. However all that is happening now just reminds me of what Urahara said a few chapters ago that Aizen is no longer Aizen he is no longer calculating and cunning and doesnt dodge and stuff nowadays. If you ask me That ignorance of Aizen that made him stop being like the old Aizen is the reason why he is so scared now against Ichigo, because he has no back up.

Anyway that's all for this week, hope you enjoyed reading and I can't wait for comments and opinions.

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