Basically Here comes the start of my weekly blog post about the manga. and I know that the two big blogs are godisme's and lia schiffer's but who knows I might become as popular as them.

Let's begin. I thought that this chapter is very good and it set the scene for the weeks to come i.e. epic fight between good and evil. Also now all of Ichigo's friends know he is a soul reaper properly now so what does that mean for the future and their friendship's? Also one of the most interesting things is that Gin knew exactly what was meant by Ichigo's spiritual pressure being non-existent. Does it mean that Ichigo has such high spiritual pressure that even Aizenfly couldn't perceive it. Or that he has evolved into the sentient transcendent being, Who knows. Also was it me or did Gin and Ichigo do a lot of staring at one another in this chapter. I know it was meant to signify Gin passing the torch to Ichigo but could it mean more. I don't really want to say any of my theories in case they are called crack theories and then my blog is deleted so i'm going to wrap this up quickly.

All in all I would give this chapter a 4 out of 5. It was definently one of my favourites, and Gin is still alive. Well barely, but I don't care he is one of my favourite characters and he is alive. However Isshin looks pretty drained so like always in it's up to Ichigo to fight the big bad guy.

So give me your opinions on the chapter and your opinions on what will happen next.

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