Well, where to begin. I'm not entirely sure what I think about this chapter so my view might be unclear so ber with me.

I thought that it was a good resolution chapter that did clear up a lot of questions that I and many people on this wiki had. One of the things that I found awesome, yet found it severely a big let down was the conclusion of the Yammy fight. If you ask me the awesome part was the fact of how totally kensie'd he was, I laughed for ages when I realised that, but I was always hoping to see more of the fight because even though, personally, I have never liked him I thought that the fight would of been good if done in a proper way. However i'm not even sure on what that proper way could be.

My second main point on this chapter is that... Everybody's safe... no offence to kubo, because I am happy that no one is dead or injured beyond compare, but I was hoping for some sort of bad thing to be there, but i'll just settle for Ichigo losing his powers, which I totally hate. Also one of the most intriguing was what Uruhara said to Ichigo. Now I know that the official scanlation things are not here yet but from the place I read it he said to Ichigo "The details of his disposal will be immediately decided by the 46 chambers" so in my opinion that sounds like that central 46 may be back and if so when were they re-instated.

also just realised the head-captain wasn't mentioned or seen in this chapter I wonder if it means he's gone for good?

Anyway I don't want to go on for too long so that's all. Hope you enjoy reading this and as always I am open to comments, let's just hope I get at least one this time lol.

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