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May 13, 2010
  • Softmint55

    Well, where to begin. I'm not entirely sure what I think about this chapter so my view might be unclear so ber with me.

    I thought that it was a good resolution chapter that did clear up a lot of questions that I and many people on this wiki had. One of the things that I found awesome, yet found it severely a big let down was the conclusion of the Yammy fight. If you ask me the awesome part was the fact of how totally kensie'd he was, I laughed for ages when I realised that, but I was always hoping to see more of the fight because even though, personally, I have never liked him I thought that the fight would of been good if done in a proper way. However i'm not even sure on what that proper way could be.

    My second main point on this chapter i…

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  • Softmint55

    Deicide 22

    September 19, 2010 by Softmint55

    Well this is a little late but here we go.

    I thought that this chapter was awesome and I would give it 5/5, one of my favourite chapters so far. The final getsuga tenshou, well where to begin, I thought that it was awesome. Ichigo looked so cool and i was smiling for ages after seeing it (when I see something cool I for some reason go into a smiling fit). It was also totally unexpected, I thought that the final getsuga tenshou would just of been like a regular getsuga tenshou but with like every ounce of strength Ichigo had, But looks like I was wrong, and I'm kinda glad I was so wrong. Also what is up with Aizen, he looks so... weird (couldn't think off a better word without swearing), so basically it's cool looking good guy versus the wei…

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  • Softmint55

    Deicide 21,

    September 9, 2010 by Softmint55

    Well there is one word to sum up this chapter if you ask me and that is EPIC. Yes I loved this chapter, It was just so, well, awesome.

    I believe that it is one of my favourites, I loved Ichigo in it, he was so cool. He literally keeps on getting cooler, it's like after weeks ago of him being a crybaby, he came back with a brilliant new look and he just owns Aizen. I also liked the way how he turned the tables on Aizen and began to question Aizen him and make him make the distance. Aizen is also getting stranger and stranger and well a bit weird. However though I do think that he does look slightly awesome but for some reason he faintly reminds me of greed from full metal alchemist, I know that was off topic lol.

    So then Aizen with one of his…

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  • Softmint55

    Ok well where to begin, I'm not too sure. I found this chaper awesome and it didn't really reveal much, except how even Aizen the most calmest person in the whole entire universe of bleach is slowly losing it.

    One of the most interesting points in the chapters was Aizens theory on Ichigos powers. That he gave up his reiatsu for brute force. Well I don't believe it one bit. I just think that Ichigo's new power and reiatsu is so great now that only people on a simelar power to his own can percieve it and others who are not even close power-wise to Ichigo feel nothing. If Aizens theory is actually true though then I don't really see a problem whatsoever. I think that the idea of Aizen being beaten up by just Ichigos fists. I think Aizen deserv…

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  • Softmint55

    Basically Here comes the start of my weekly blog post about the manga. and I know that the two big blogs are godisme's and lia schiffer's but who knows I might become as popular as them.

    Let's begin. I thought that this chapter is very good and it set the scene for the weeks to come i.e. epic fight between good and evil. Also now all of Ichigo's friends know he is a soul reaper properly now so what does that mean for the future and their friendship's? Also one of the most interesting things is that Gin knew exactly what was meant by Ichigo's spiritual pressure being non-existent. Does it mean that Ichigo has such high spiritual pressure that even Aizenfly couldn't perceive it. Or that he has evolved into the sentient transcendent being, Who…

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