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Anyone else hoping for a Unohana flashback to see her bankai?

Skitzo1 June 7, 2013 User blog:Skitzo1

It's probably been discussed many a time, but since she "revealed" (Note: I use that term lightly, because all what happened was Zaraki felt like his skin was melting, but it wasn't. So its not a reveal, in my mind) But to the point. If Unohana is dead, is anyone hoping for a Zaraki/Shunsui/Ukitake/random Vandenreich fellow, to remember a fight or see her fight and use her bankai, because so far. Her Bankai gives as much a benefit in a melee fight as Hanatarō Yamada's shikai. So much for that whole "A bankai increases the user's power on a scale of 5-10 times" bull****.

The only reason I bought this up, is because I dreamt its ability was (Under the assumption no Zanpakuto has different abilities in Bankai and Shikai) that it is "Overhealing" you ever heard that "theory" its not really a theory but a fact, that if you take too much beneficial medicine, it does the opposite of heal you, and kills you. I dreamt her "Minazuki" just healed you to the extreme and made your flesh rapidly regenerate until it disappeared. (Then again, from what I saw it seemed more hypnotic than that but it didn't seem like she even released it, maybe Zaraki was dreaming and it was just a small error) But hey its a dream.

Kubo must have left it vague for a reason huh? So maybe shes not dead, people have come back from worse than a few slashes here and there, and a stab through the neck/chest area. I doubt he would have left that a mystery accidentally.

Comment if you like, I just like writing my thoughts down before I forget them and replace them with useless crap, like how many concrete slabs decorate my driveway (21 by the way) which I will remember until the day I die. And like I said, probably more than 10 blogs have been posted about this, to the last word, but I don't have the time to browse them all AND write this, sorry in advance.

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