• Turning Enhanced Durability to Blut Vene, for all "proven" Quincy, except maybe Uryu, Ryuken etc?

Ok so some people may have noticed, quite a few Sternritter are fairly durable, taking assaults from a Captains bankai and being like "Yo I'm not even done yet" would it be safe to assume, like the arrancar, that Blut Vene is just not mentioned anymore for their durability, after a while you would just assume thats what it is that's keeping them alive. Like the arrancar's Hierro, it becomes pretty apparent they use it to protect themselves without giving an obvious reference to it right? I mean it would be pretty weird after every hit they say "I have blut vene mwahahaha". I'm pretty sure Coyote Starrk didn't sit there going "Oh if it wasn't for my Hierro, Love Aikawa would have killed me with that attack" and besides in the case of the Quincy, Quilge Opie stated that Blut Vene can be used to try and negate the attacks of a Shinigami's bankai, perhaps completely if at all. Considering its pretty safe to assume Quincy are theoretically some other type of human. Lets face it human bodies are not terribly durable. Maybe we should consider the same in how Blut Arterie works (although we have yet to see it in "action" its been mentioned at which leads me to my next comment) Quilge also said that an attack on a Bankai-wielding shinigami can't hold without Blut Arterie, could we *assume* any attack that damages a Shinigami in bankai could be Blut-Arterie enhanced? Unless all these factors I've commented on are specifically "ability enhanced" like how I'd assume Haschwalth used his weird maybe "Balancer" ability on Ichigo to snap Tensa Zangetsu, like he did Cang Du, or did he use Blut Arterie to break the bankai?

What does everyone think?

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