I've thinking about this for a bit, and wanted to get it off my chest. During the Deicide Mini Arc, Ichigo trained for 3 months straight in the Dangai Precipice World and attained a level of power so great, he was able to effortlessly defeat Aizen in his transformed states. That Ichigo, often referred to as Dangai Ichigo, was the strongest we've ever seen him. As we have learned in recent chapters, Ichigo has been using only a fraction of his power up until forging his real Zanpakuto. Here's some food for thought: What if Dangai Ichigo was still only using that fraction of power that Old-Man Zangetsu couldn't suppress? Meaning, what if that fraction of power at full strength gave Ichigo the power to not only defeat Aizen, but effortlessly do it? If that's the case, what could he now that he's using his true strength? Would he be like Dangai Ichigo? Or far stronger? Please tell me what you think on this matter.

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