• Sicarius001

    My Theory on Flash Step/Sonido/Hirenkyaku/Bringer Light

    My theory is that these techniques alter the passage of time on the user’s body and slows their perception of such time, as seen where in battles where Flash Step is used, where injuries appear after they are inflicted. In battles where Flash Step is not used, Injuries are instantaneous (Zaraki Fights as evidence). The delay in injury could only be caused by the body’s internal reflexes and reactions being delayed, as well as restrictions on the body appearing “extended”, rather than being forgotten, simply for battles looking cool. I also believe that these techniques accelerate the user’s perception of time and speed by roughly 11 at Master Level, as seen in the second battle between…

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  • Sicarius001

    Just a couple plot related thoughts to chuck out there that may have been overlooked in light of the whole Isshin Shiba thingy.

    Who do you reckon would take over as Eighth Division Captain since Shunsui got "Promoted" to Head Captain, Love Aikawa? Isshin? Or someone completely new and unheard of? Or maybe a Leiutenant (E.g. Renji)?

    Also, what do you think Oshō and Senjumaru Shutara invented for Soul Society? I personally think that Senjumaru invented the Senkaimon, as "she simply placed her hands on its door and it opened by itself." Maybe that could be foreshadowing the Senkaimon? Or it could be the Shutara Scale referred to by the 12 Division members in Chapter 480.

    Thoughts anyone?

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