I'm hoping that Ichimaru makes an appearance now that Aizen has been truly caught off guard and put in a weak spot. I have read both mangastream and onemanga and depending on which one you're going from, I took it as that Yamamoto hit Aizen with some high level offensive kido. The way I see it is that Aizen hit his first real bump in his plans and that if Gin doesn't help him in this instance, Sosuke will be in real trouble. Of course, I could be wrong in this, but I think that now if any would be a really great re-entry of Gin into this and making an excellent showcase of his abilities. I'm very interested in Aizens last minions' capabilities. If Aizen picked Gin to be his lieutenant from the very get go when he killed the 3rd seat of squad five so many years ago, I believe that Sosuke looks to Gin being of the most, if not the best, capable shinigami next to himself. Three cheers to seeing some serious Gin action for real this time. We know Gin was holding back against Hitsugaya. We have a feeling Gin wanted to really test himself against another captain when he dueled Toshiro, and I think Aizen let him while knowing he was not only going to fight Toshiro, but that he'd come out on top of the fight the victor.

To think that Gin wouldn't be instrumental in helping Aizen achieve his goals in being God of the spirit world to me seems visionless, because since Aizen has shown himself to be so on top of thngs, to disregard Gin in any way would just seem callous for even me to enjoy the story.

If anyone else catches what I'm saying and thinks that Gin has a very pivotal role in this story, say whatever you want about him, because I'd like to see some cool Gin Ichimaru discussion again that would impact the story. Gin to me is a good focal point for talking about in this story. Anyone else feel like adding anything to the fun idea of Gin being a legendary shinigami? I personally think it's cool talking about him anyways because he seems very interesting in that he is clearly very strong and talented, but that he chose Aizen over the Gotei 13.

I also want to say that Ginrei's, Shunsui's, and Jushiro's bankais were not displayed simply because they would have destroyed the spirit mile they are inside. Discussion over this to me seems relevant to Bleach fandom

All comments and remarks are welcomed and appreciated, please forward.

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