• Shobmar

    i just finished watching episode 364. i took the next few lines from the fight scene between Rukia and Riruka and wanted to know what people though of what Riruka said about survival of the fittest.

    Rukia: “is not being normal that important to you?”

    Riruka: “Of course, we were able to meet Tsukishima because we weren’t normal. Ginjo saved us because we weren’t normal. When asked what rule every animal and human in the world has to obey, most people would say “survival of the fittest.” There are clear differences between the strong and the weak. But it is not as simple as kill or be killed. You know what true survival of the fittest is, don’t you? So let me tell you a story… about how our survival of the fittest works. I found out I had an a…

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