Finally!! The Zero Squad arrives for the first time in Soul Society for all of us to see. For Kyouraku to state that those five members are stronger than the whole 13 divisions is really something, and why the HECK are they only FIVE members? I suppose it makes sense they not being that many since they are so freaking strong (according to Kyouraku). Is any one of them stronger than the late CC?

I am curious however to their purpose in SS now, are they to here to appoint the new Captain-Commander? Or will one of them be an interim CC? Will they have new information concerning the Sternritter? Will they train the current Captains of the 13 Gotei Squads in preparation for the final battle with the Sternritter? (Surely they know about the Sternritter and are planning something) Will they do battle with the current Captains to see their strength? What are their abilities? Will they be condescending to Ichigo and his friends as SS once was? Were they part of the original thirteen divisions?

On the other hand I find it curious that now is when we find out that when a Bankai is broken it never goes back to its original state, with exception of Captain Komamura (says Captain Kurotsuchi). So what will happen to Ichigo's Bankai? Will it change to a new form or something? Will he need to perform Jinzen again? Can his father help, they share similar Zanpakutos?

Kurotsuchi and a few other characters feel like the key to saving SS and turning the tide of the war (just speculating here).

One last question, who do you think is Kirio Hikifune amongst the Zero Squad? I think its the plump lady mainly because Hiyori described her as motherly.

You are all warmly invited to comment, please keep them clean.

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