Once more we have another eccentric, over-the-top and pretty cool Zero Squad member, this time in the form of Nimaiya Oestsu.

I have a hunch. I think Nimaiya's trials are to strengthen the bond between them and their Zanpaktou and maximize their potential with them as a fighting force.

If Ichigo and Renji come out of this Hououden alive, having passed the trials Nimaiya has tasked them with, I think that for Renji they, the Sternritter, won't be able to steal his Bankai.

This man seems crafty and hides his true nature behind a facade of a carefree attitude. Mera-chan could be his Zanpaktou (hunch) if we go by what he says.


Congratulations to Kubo on his marriage!!

Comments are always welcome, and like the season please keep them snow white.

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