Oh lovely, reserved Captain Unohana. The first "Kenpachi", ain't that just grand. All those scared looks she got weren't for nothing I see. Well her sword is a nondachi, and we've never actually seen her fight so I guess we're in for a show. I love that still where Kyouraku, pardon me, Captain Commander Kyouraku calls her in and asks her to teach Captain Zaraki eloquently, he put it, the 'art of killing'.

I hope it doesn't end up as one of them killing the other in a quest for strength, because that would be lame.

She's now an object of more curiosity to everyone more than ever and there should be a back story somewhere. I think the former CC Yamamoto stopped teaching Zaraki because he wasn't ready to realise his full potential. We might be seeing his Zanpakuto this time round hopefully as I don't think Captain Unohana is so merciful during training.

Was she part of the original "Divisions"? And then she stepped down, changed her name and became the Unohana we know now? Is she the 'Yachiru' Zaraki admired so much? Did she meet her match in Tenjirou who then proceeded to teach her her healing techniques? I think those two have quite a history together.

I think that she and Tenjirou were part of the original "Divisions" and when Tenjirou was promoted they, the Gotei 13, needed someone who could be a powerful healer, hence Captain Unohana stepped up to the task.

Dang that water Tenjirou uses is quite something isn't it, and to think he can chill in it no problem, who is this guy? Ever resilient Renji is back, stronger it seems than before, well we'll see where they were thrown off to next time.

Anyways comments are always welcome, just keep them clean.

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