• Shinitenshi

    Has Aizen Ever Lied?

    November 12, 2009 by Shinitenshi

    As I am trying to avoid work again, I will write another essay. This time, it will be on an interesting topic. That topic is "Has Aizen ever lied?" It'll be the most fun you can have without an athletic cup, I promise.

    Now before we begin, we must first understand what we mean by lying. Now I know that we know what a lie is (or at least I hope we do). But bear with me.

    There are two types of lies. There is a lie of commission and a lie of omission. A lie of commission is a direct lie. When you tell your mother that you will be going to the library to study and instead you go the arcade, this is a lie of commission. This is a direct lie. Now, say you are going to a party. Your mother asks you if there is going to be alcohol at the party. If y…

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  • Shinitenshi

    There have been many a forum posting describing who is a vasto lorde. When we first saw that picture many fans took this as gospel truth that this is what a vasto lorde looks like. Ulquiorra looks just like that picture so therefore, he must be a vasto lorde, right?

    As I took philosophy courses in college (they were the easiest classes to earn credits), I will explain the essence of vasto lordes in that roundabout way that all philosophers explain. Maybe invoke discussion? Who knows. Here we go

    When we describe something, the way we do so is by comparing it to something else. Say you have a child. You want to introduce him/her (I'll use her because my friend just had a baby girl recently) to dogs. Your …

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