Ginjo has revealed that he's the true enemy! I've already read the manga, but it still surprised me! It turns out Ginjo was the mastermind behind all this, revealing that he cut down Uryu and was working with Tsukishima all along. I was surprised when Ichigo started crying, he's always so serious and hardly smiles. I started giggling like a little girl when Rukia appeared. Does anyone else like her new hairstyle? But, of course, I can't forget about the Shinigami arrival. And their new looks aren't that bad:

Renji: I like his new bandanna and hair; I've never really liked his tattoos. He looks crazy hot now.

Byakuya: I think all captain haoris should look like his. I'm surprised he's not wearing his kenseikan, though. It was a sign of nobility and him being the head of the Kuchiki House. He looks crazy hot, too.

Toshiro: ...I don't like it that much. Don't get me wrong, it's okay, it's just that his hair makes him look a little gay (Sorry!). But he's still hot. And he didn't get taller? :)

Kenpachi: I'm so happy those bells are gone! I love his hair like this. And his eyepatch is cooler. He's crazy hot, too.

Ikkaku: He hasn't really changed except for that armor and sleeveless Shihakusho. But he's still crazy hot.

Ichigo's new Shihakusho is better in my opinion. His Getsuga Tensho was no doubt awesome. I loved it when he told Ginjo that it wasn't his Getsuga Tensho the first time, but merely the power from swinging his sword. And Rukia's and Ichigo's interaction with each other is still funny.

Sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable with my comments. And yes, I am a girl. Tell me what you think, please. This is my first blog so I hope I didn't do anything wrong. What are your thoughts?

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