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  • Shakkaho3000

    482. Bad Recognition

    February 22, 2012 by Shakkaho3000

    Bleach 482 has finally come out and it revealed that Ivan is indeed a Quincy. I'm very happy that it has gotten more exciting and the plot is ready to move forward. I thought it was kind of wierd that Ivan found it really offensive that Ichigo called him an Arrancar, but he does look like one. And I don't know if it was just the way Kubo drew it or whatever, but was his bow bigger than him? It was still cool, though.

    Ikkaku and Yumichika is still investigating the Rukongai disappearances, and I'm not surprised that Yumichika looks more like a girl. I actually thought he was a new female character when I first saw him.

    The disappearances are starting to confuse me. "Some people from this village in Rukongai took away other peoplee from the sa…

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  • Shakkaho3000

    Ginjo has revealed that he's the true enemy! I've already read the manga, but it still surprised me! It turns out Ginjo was the mastermind behind all this, revealing that he cut down Uryu and was working with Tsukishima all along. I was surprised when Ichigo started crying, he's always so serious and hardly smiles. I started giggling like a little girl when Rukia appeared. Does anyone else like her new hairstyle? But, of course, I can't forget about the Shinigami arrival. And their new looks aren't that bad:

    Renji: I like his new bandanna and hair; I've never really liked his tattoos. He looks crazy hot now.

    Byakuya: I think all captain haoris should look like his. I'm surprised he's not wearing his kenseikan, though. It was a sign of nobili…

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