January 23, 2010

I've been thinking about a few things so I figured I'd just write my own freaking blog and get them out there.

So if you haven't already read my comment on Tinni's blog, I speculated on a possible plot twist in which Aizen uses the Hougyoku to harness the power of Hell. If you read back though the article, it says "The face and left arm of a large demonic creature can be seen behind the Gates. It is unclear if the ropes are intended to keep this creature inside." I thought it would be a nice plot twist to keep the story going, and really it fits Aizen's typical deception style. Think about it...

  • The idea of Hell is back to basics: Volume 2. The first and only time it's ever been mentioned is back in Chapter 12 (Episode 5), so everyone has forgotten about it. When people think of the Bleach universe they think of: Soul Society, Human World, and Hueco Mundo (and maybe Valley of Screams if you'll accept non-canon), but Hell is a pretty big part of the universe, though it's largely underemphasized, especially if there is a power behind the door that Aizen could potentially control or harness.
  • Someone mentioned before that Aizen's plan to create the Ouken was discovered as they went through his things after he defected. Sound like it was planted? I do, I think Aizen wanted them to find it.
  • Since he defected, everything has been focused on stopping him from creating the Ouken. Scenario: this was his plan from the beginning, and now there is no one left from stopping him from carrying out some other scheme before the Shinigami even realize whats going on.

Other things that have been bugging me:

  • Orihime has feelings for Ichigo, when the hell is he going to realize that? Perhaps not in the midst of battle but still... And what about Rukia? Common questions on everyone minds.
  • Urahara: what is he up to in this part of the arc? Hasn't anyone else realized that Ichigo isn't the only one who witnessed Kyoka Suigetsu's power? Urahara was a captain for a short time, and during that time he never witnessed Kyoka Suigetsu's Shikai either. He could be a great asset in the near future.
  • Of course there are countless questions surrounding Isshin, which will probably remain unanswered, but what role will he be playing in the future?
  • Lastly, and the one bothering me the most, when the hell is Ichigo going to realize that he has a Cero? He need not completely rely on Getsuga Tenshou when he has Hollow powers, and powerful ones at that.

So these are just some ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while.

February 11, 2010

Wow. I'm still mind-blown from the latest chapter (392). I thought that the ending to 391 was intense, but suddenly I nearly shat myself as Aizen reappears and slaughters everyone left. So what capable characters does that leave?

  • Ichigo: spectating, will likely be getting involved soon
  • Kensei: presumably still fighting Wonderweiss (I see him losing that battle as he is distracted by the Aizen fight)
  • Hachi: still watching over Hiyori
  • Byakuya: still fighting Yammy in Hueco Mundo
  • Kenpachi: still fighting Yammy in Hueco Mundo
  • Mayuri: who the hell knows...
  • Yamamoto: spectating, will the big guy finally be getting his hands dirty?
  • Unohana: spectating
  • Yoruichi: location unknown
  • Urahara: location unknown, perhaps tending to the barrier
  • Tessai: location unknown, but I don't see him doing anything against Aizen, given what we saw in their encounter 100 years ago

At this point, Ichigo will almost certainly charge into battle, but the last time he tried he wasn't even able to Hollowfy, so he's useless against Aizen without it. I don't see Kensei playing a huge part, nor that Wonderweiss would be defeated so easily. That being said I'm predicting 1 of 3 outcomes here:

  1. Ichigo and/or Yamamoto are the only big players left so they will likely assault Aizen while Unohana attempts to heal the others. I'd love to see Ukitake's Bankai right about now.
  2. Aizen dismisses the remaining players as flies and lets Gin take on the rest of them. Aizen then either a. leaves for Soul Society to make the Ōken or b. carries out some other unknown plans.
  3. The least likable scenario right now I think is for the scene to change to the captains' battle against Yammy in Heuco Mundo, but I wouldn't be surprised if things changed pace at this point.

2a. seems the more likely scenario, but either way I sure hope Chapter 393 is as epic as the last, considering Kubo is going on vacation next week. I'm ready for a new surprise (Bankai maybe?) after this latest epic twist.

February 25, 2010

Well, I asked for a new surprise, and I sure as hell got it. I've been waiting to see what Wonderweiss' deal was, and now I know. Even if this is an unexpected twist, it's not climaxing. We still have Yoruichi, Kisuke, Unohana, and Ichigo, all of which could commit a combined effort in order to at least distract Aizen and Gin while someone else takes out Wonderweiss, effectively putting Yamamoto back in the game. With Yamamoto out, it's time for Ichigo to get involved. This is going to be awesome.

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