• SerialSniper14

    I've been thinking about a few things so I figured I'd just write my own freaking blog and get them out there.

    So if you haven't already read my comment on Tinni's blog, I speculated on a possible plot twist in which Aizen uses the Hougyoku to harness the power of Hell. If you read back though the article, it says "The face and left arm of a large demonic creature can be seen behind the Gates. It is unclear if the ropes are intended to keep this creature inside." I thought it would be a nice plot twist to keep the story going, and really it fits Aizen's typical deception style. Think about it...

    • The idea of Hell is back to basics: Volume 2. The first and only time it's ever been mentioned is back in Chapter 12 (Episode 5), so everyone has for…
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