OK guy's and girl's please forgive me for all typo's and any error's I may write Ive seen every current episode movie and chapter of bleach anime and manga and I'm confused about the following. I see yes that Rukia now has a lieutenant badge shes second in command under a captain and that's great i love her shes one of my favorite characters but to this id like to say A) HOW?? B) If so to whom?? as for my reasons yes its clear she has to be a lieutenant now but her step brother Captain kuchki forbade anyone from promoting her to the rank of lieutenant or recommending her for promotion to protect her i presume, if it has happened i see only 3 ways it can have happened the head captain over rode him the 46 over rode him or the soul king has over ridden him now she clearly is a lieutenant because of the badge but unless Ive missed and episode of the manga HOW also why do you presume to think she is ukitake's lieutenant yes she belongs to his squad but he already has 2 acting lieutenants neither of which has died or been relocated but as so many of the old vizard captains have been reinstated i would believe she would become one of their lieutenants if not them its possible that ichigos dad, the cat lady, the crazy store owner has come back as a captain. now im probably wrong or a bit of an idiot lol but id love to hear any counter arguments or links to manga anime to show me what Ive missed or how wrong i am go for it ;)

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