Ok I know that this has been discused time and time again, but kow that we know Gin and Kaname are dead, and Aizen in prison, who do you think will replace them. Since the entire SS is protected with the G13 I dont think they wont replace them and anyone who thikns they wont replace them, in my opinon, is just dumb.

Ive seen most people think Visoreds will come back, I dont think this will happen. Other ideas Ive seen are Renji and Ikkaku becoming captains and again I dont think this will happen. Another one is Tessai&Co. will come back and once again I dont think this will happen.

Now for my opinon on how I hope thikngs will happen. Ever since i found out about the Kido Corps Ive been fascinated by them. So I would love to seen so Shikai and Bankai of their captain, and fill in one of the positions.

So what do you want to happen with the vacant positions?????

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