As of today (September 25, 2013 for those of us in UTC-5), Bleach Wiki has two brand new projects. If you haven't yet found a place to help out, one of these projects may be for you! The projects are the Inconsistency Project and the Revelations Project. Here I will cover the first of those two.

The goal of the Inconsistency Project, headed by yours truly, is just as the name suggests: inconsistencies among Bleach media. If you didn't know this already, the Bleach anime is not made by Kubo, but rather by the (oh god, I don't want to say it) Studio Pierrot, who also writes the filler arcs. The Bleach video games are also made by people other than Kubo. Now, with all these different hands in Bleach media, some people are bound to take liberties in what shows up in their own work. This project's goal is to find said inconsistencies and put them all into one big list... or something.

"But Schiffy, Bleach is perfect, how could there possibly be inconsistencies?"
If you're actually inclined to ask this, the only reasonable response I can give you is "Are you high?"

So... um... yeah. That's the Inconsistency Project. Get out there and find some inconsistencies!

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