I guess I haven't made the podcast blog post in a while. Well then.

Anyway, let me start off this blog with a little story. Earlier this month, Xilinoc came up with an.... interesting idea for a prank. He suggested that on Christmas Day, him and I would swap Skype names and avatars for the day. Then at around 10 A.M. EST, we did it, and started talking as each other in the Skype group that we hold these calls. For the day, Xil was Schiffy and Schiffy was Xil. Many laughs were had. A little before the recording today we revealed our scheme and switched back.

I think everyone's respect for the two of us dropped just a bit when they found out.
I'm not sorry

Anyway, before I write an essay, here's the podcast, now with FutureQuincy and Kamikaze839! ....'bout time.

Bleach Chapter 611 review - Bleach Wiki47:37

Bleach Chapter 611 review - Bleach Wiki

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