So, a few days ago, Sun, Xil, and myself recorded a pre-chapter review of 601. At the time, 601 had not come out yet, but we discussed some predictions and covered a bit more on 600. That podcast and Sun's blog post with it can be found here.

Now that the chapter is out, we have rolled out a real review. Be warned, this one's a whopping 90-some minutes.

And now without further ado, here's the video:

Bleach Chapter 601 Review - Bleach Wiki00:00

Bleach Chapter 601 Review - Bleach Wiki

(See? I fixed all the sound problems this time)

We also took some time to really introduce ourselves. Here, you'll find our stories about when we started reading/watching Bleach, and what brought us here to Bleach Wiki. We even aired some of our own dirty laundry about just how bad editors we were when we first started here.

As usual, tell us what you think. And this isn't getting any more fun with the same three people. We need some more people to join in the calls. You all know who you are.

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