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June 8, 2013
  • Savalric

    IRL OP Fire

    November 25, 2013 by Savalric

    This isn't Bleach-related, but it could be. Why is fire so OP in real life/other movies/shows. You see people running away from a dragon breathing fire but unless it's actually dousing you with a liquid accelerator (gas, napalm, farts, etc...) as well, then the fire would probably just singe your arm hair/real hair. The most dangerous part of fire is the blast, and rarely does orange/yellow/red flames reach a temperature high enough to burn someone severely with a touch. I've been burned several times and it was always due to prolonged exposure. But, I don't know, maybe I forgetting something.

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  • Savalric

    I'm not sure if there are any articles on this already, but I find myself looking for inconsistencies within the Bleach-verse more and more. And I believe that I have found one that is infallibly inconsistent! Unless the translation is off...

    It just mentions that Urahara was exiled for the gigai, rather than for hollowification. A small hiccup in the story, but a hiccup nonetheless. What other inconsistencies have you found?

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  • Savalric

    Feeling bad for Urahara

    November 14, 2013 by Savalric

    I was reading the mangas for the first time (the first ones) and was overcome with a sense of sadness for Urahara. If you remember this Chapter[1] (specifically this page) or this episode, as it was in both, you'd understand now, why it's so sad. Urahara can't return home... and he really wants to! He was unjustly banished, and now can't go back to his family... *tear*

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  • Savalric

    Problem with pacing

    October 16, 2013 by Savalric

    This isn't Bleach specific, but I've noticed that most Japanese anime (at least the ones I seem to be attracted to) have a problem with pacing. It seems like they either get a ton accomplished per episode, so much so that missing one will make it hard to continue (Sword Art Online), or so slow that you can miss several episodes and just miss a little dialog. Or, it could be so slow that you could miss a whole season and just catch up on what you missed via flashbacks in the next season (Naruto). Even Bleach seems to spend a lot of time developing their characters during battle rather than outside of battle (like normal people). Seriously, who tells their whole life story during battle... has anyone else noticed this or is it just my Ameri…

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  • Savalric

    Hitsugaya Boss

    September 12, 2013 by Savalric

    Did anyone else think it completely awesome just how powerful and easily Hitsugaya "seemed" to defeat Stern Ritter H? I never really thought Hitsugaya that strong simply because I couldn't see how Ice could get better with Bankai. Stronger Ice? bah... But now, Byakuya better watch out, there's a new favorite in town lol.

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