Power Level: The level of power the Zanpakutō has (Low, Medium, High, Very High)

Power Type: What the powers it has can be used for. (Offense, Defense, Support)

Range of Effect: The range of the powers. (Melee, Melee-Ranged, Ranged)

Powers: Power classification and rundown.

Weakness: Weaknesses that may exist.


(Golden Sal Tree) - Music Manipulation

Release Command: "Play"

Shikai: Blade becomes a whip tipped with a "flower"

Powers: Kinshara is unique in that whether released or not it can use its special ability. This ability takes the form of what can be best described as a form of music manipulation. Musical tones have varying effects that can be used by rose for a variety of purposes. - (Medium / Offense / Ranged)

  • Arpeggio: Rose levitates his Zanpakutō and scabbard in a cross shape in front of him. Rose moves his fingers as if playing a piano, which is accompanied by the sound of piano keys being played. A wire appears, and wraps around his intended target. His hand glows with a yellow light, and with simple hand movements he plays different notes, causing the target to become further constricted by the wire until it is eviscerated by the wire's crushing force. - (Medium / Offense / Ranged)
  • Golden Sal Tree Sonata Number Eleven - Sixteen Day-Old Moon Rose: When the flower at the end of Rose's whip attaches itself to the enemy, Rose taps on the whip with his fingers, causing it to glow and make the sound of a strummed guitar string. This sound travels up the length of the whip to the flower tip, and creates a vortex of reverberating sound that acts as a shockwave, destroying everything within a considerable area of the blast. - (High / Offense / Melee-Ranged)

Kinshara Butōdan

(Golden Sal Tree Dancing Troupe) - Psychosomatic Illusions via Hypnotic Music

Bankai: a large pair of floating hands, with one holding a large conducting baton, and several large beings with petal-shaped protrusions on their faces before Rose.

Powers: Rose uses music to create physical illusions. Rose states his music gives him power over his target's heart: as long as the target's heart is deceived, the illusions are realistic and powerful enough to physically damage the target and affect surroundings as if they were real. The various attacks which the illusions use lay in the various dances which the "Dancers" perform: Rose further controls these dances by conducting them with a conducting baton as a music conductor would. - (High / Offense / Ranged)

  • Sea Drift: a whirlpool of surging water. - (High / Offense / Ranged)
  • Prometheus: a torrent of fire against the enemy. - (High / Offense / Ranged)
  • Ein Heldenleben: Unknown, supposedly able to kill. - (Unknown / Offense / Unknown)


The overall weakness of this zanpakutō in shikai is that its a whip, contrary to popular belief whips were not created to be used for fighting. They are basically used to promote fear and inflict pain for punishment. Thats not to say that they cant be used for that purpose but its largely at a distance and the wound it makes are variable. While the shikai has an advantage at range or even medium range if someone got in close then it would prove useless (think of it as his own personal 'hurt zone'). If someone grabbed it they could potentially use it against Rose. Also if you were to determine its attack pattern then you could potentially sidestep it. The overall weakness of this zanpakutō in bankai is that it requires the victims to hear the music for the illusion to take place, so if the victims were to negate their hearing, they become completely immune to Kinshara Butōdan's effects. It also has the basic issue that its illusions are damaging on a mental level but have no real physical effect. Basically it all in the targets head, so it also hinges on the concept that the target has to believe that the attacks are real. The difference between this power and a normal illusion is the level of which your mind believes in it. That brings up another point that if used against someone who has a level of physical durability or invulnerability or even mental fortitude it may not be sufficient of a power to use against them. The biggest issue is that the power has no defensive advantage if an opponent can get to Rose before his powers take affect on them the game is over.

Zanpakutō vs. Zanpakuto

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