We have been reading and watching Bleach since 2001, so what has taken place in that time that we have not seriously addressed. Well being that we should always be objective especially to what we love most lets take a little time to reflect on it.

The Biggest issue on Bleach revolves around the storyline. Bleach is not really full of plot twists, its pacing is somewhat inconsistent, the quality of storyline varies from arc to arc (especially in relation to the filler arcs). We have protagonists and antagonists but the biggest issue, the drive and the purpose in the story. We have many storylines that exist out there in the world of manga. Most have some underlying purpose behind why what happens in the story happens, even when they detour for a little while. So what is the premise behind Bleach? Whats the focal point to it all? Does anyone know?

More importantly we can look at our main protagonist more often then not to see whats the point. In the case of Ichigo Kurosaki we have what some call the generic shonen manga protagonist. But in truth does being shonen manga make the protagonist a cookie cutter cut out of the same character or is it left to the writer to expand upon the generic template of that genre. The biggest issue in Bleach is that the storyline revolves around a very bland and exceedingly boring character. What drives Ichigo Kurosaki, absolutely nothing of importance. His general existence is based on protecting his friends. It is seriously to the point where you question what about everyone else, or your town, or your country, or I dont know existence itself. No, these lofty ideas are beyond the young teenagers scope or range. So the most important thing to him is protecting his group of friends who largely consist of his normal human friends from school he is rarely around to even interact with on the normal bases, or his even smaller group of spiritually empowered friends who are all in all more of a burden (specifically Orihime Inoue) then they are an asset in his never-ending battle against evil spirits.

So if your a guy with tremendous potential would you maybe train to be a better combatant. Yes, you would train to you couldnt train no more, but does Ichigo well he does a bit but really is it really training. On more then one occasion Ichigo has expressed that having intelligence on a situation/enemy or even formulating a strategy is just not in his nature, he really doesnt care as he would simply forget it anyway. To add more to that He is close with Kisuke Urahara (former Gotei 13 captain and greatest Intelligence and scientific mind in the bleach universe), yet he doesn't learn anything. He is close to Yoruichi Shihōin (master assassin, master of stealth, Shunpo master and fastest person in the bleach universe), yet he doesnt learn anything. He even has at his disposal Tessai Tsukabishi (Kido Master), yet he doesnt learn anything. Are we seeing a pattern yet?

Ichigo's entire fighting style is basic shunpo, spamming his one technique (Getsuga Tensho) and swinging his sword hoping to hit something. If not that he is spamming his bankai mode, while spamming getsuga tensho and swinging his sword hoping to hit something. Outside of that you have doing a hollow mask (he doesnt even try to understand how to use properly) and spamming his getsuga tensho or in critical times turning into a hollow form he cant control which is about as interesting as he gets in battle. Then there is the infamous final getsuga tensho which is so great we still not entirely sure what it does, but we do know its just a another ramped up getsuga tensho (embodied) and then you lose your powers after using it.

Its hard for Ichigo Kurosaki when he stands up to other protagonists the likes of Edward Elric, Naruto Uzumaki, Allen Walker, Natsu Dragneel, Goku, Lelouch vi Britanna, even the likes of Inuyasha. All have greater goals, versatility of skill, and willingness to work hard to develop those skills further by taking advantage of situations presented to them. All in different ways but still there is more to them then simply existing.

Ichigo Kurosaki is so generic and all we are given instead of character development is the same guy with unexplained powerups, given simply cause no thought is given to him actually training to be better or gaining some knowledge. If its not through sheer will and strength Ichigo Kurosaki simply cant do it. Its easier to have things just given to you. Like getting a Fullbring with no real explanation how thats even possible then losing it and then having it somehow bonded to your regained shinigami powers for no reason besides seemingly changing your overall look.

This all good enough to keep a young kid interested but when your older and know better it really is a wake up call when you think of it. Bleach is still my favorite but some flaws you just cant ignore.

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