Now previously we were graced with Kubo developed information which can be related from this original [post]. So what I wanna touch on is some of the stuff thats been handled so far and the other stuff thats still left to be explored as they relate to the story.


  • Unohana will fight in the upcoming arc = This did happen albeit very short, not the opponent that was expected and not the outcome that was expected.
  • The true form of her Zanpakuto will be seen - This is questionable Ive yet to see anyone who could really describe what happened it was thus far more confusing then enlightening.
  • When she fights, she unravels her braid - True


  • The "history" of his pink Haori will be revealed - Still waiting on this and how it will matter.
  • He will use Bankai in this arc - Highly Anticipated revel.


  • Rangiku's past will be a key to the story. - Have not seen this nor how it is supposed to work in the story.


  • He has not learned the name of his Zanpakuto yet - This has been shown about to happen and its highly anticipated.
  • Kubo wants to draw his becoming a captain but says it would be difficult as it would disrupt the narrative. - hopefully this does take place so we have some more history on his becoming captain.


  • Kubo has not even drawn her in a fight yet - Hopefully this is really a "yet" situation and not a "never plans to" situation.


  • Kubo said if he gives a lieutenant a Bankai, he thinks Yumichika would be a good choice. - This would be interesting to see if it happens, considering his best friend has one and they are of equal power this should already be a fact.
  • Kubo considers him and Ikkaku to be equals in strength - nice to know.


  • Mayuri's research will be the key to this arc. - This is becoming quite obvious.
  • Specifically his study on bodies will be the main part of this arc. - Makes sense yet we have yet to see this being the case.
  • He has a new look - True
  • He has several different "faces" which he could put on at any time. - Not really seen so far.


  • Ukitake is still ill - Sucks
  • He will recover - This is interesting, wonder how after all this time.
  • He has undergone a bit of an internal change - Wonder what this could mean, he is already a nice guy. Unless this is physically and can fix his illness.


  • Kubo plans on drawing flashbacks of when she was made a Lieutenant and how she felt. - Nice


  • She is permanently exiled from Soul Society along with Urahara - This seems totally unnecessary.
  • Her secret past with Urahara will be revealed - This is some much needed information.


  • His past with Ryuken will be revealed - This has happened, good backstory.
  • Isshin could not go to Soul Society with Urahara because it would reveal something to the Gotei 13 and thus did not go. - Now we know why.


  • Aizen commented that since Ichigo's birth, he has been an extraordinary being, the meaning behind this will be revealed - We have found out why.
  • Grand Fisher called Ichigo a true blood, the meaning of this will be revealed - Now we know why.
  • The reason why Ichigo looks so similar to Kaien will come out. - Now we know.
  • Ichigo is a Substitute Shinigami again. - Oh Well


  • Ichigo and Isshin believe that Masaki died to Grand Fisher, however this may not be true. The truth will be revealed. - Yes this was good to have found out too.


  • Aizen will return - Yet to really see this.
  • Kubo wants to draw him in restraints. - We will see this and have seen it before previously.


  • The fate of Hiyori will be revealed - She's doing great.
  • What became of the other Visored will be revealed - They seem to be living a normal life.

Royal Guard

  • The Royal Guard will appear - They have most certainly.

Other Stuff

  • Grimmjow is alive and might become a friend - He is apparently alive but a friend is somewhat pushing it.
  • Nel will likely return - She did, just not the good one.
  • This will be the last arc in Bleach
  • Everyone's bloodlines will be revealed - I get the point but what does "everyone" refer to.
  • The Soul King will be revealed - Partially
  • The villains in this arc are few in number but their numbers will increase. - This seems to be inaccurate considering they seem to be in large numbers from the onset.
  • Everyone's past will become important. - This has yet to be shown fully but we have seen it starting to shape.
  • The threat in this arc will be so great that it will force the Royal Guard out and be something they have never faced before. - Well this is a bold statement but none the less a true one that already took place.
  • The new villains have the ability to complete erase a Hollow from existence - This was a dead give away initially.
  • The new villains have been killing Hollows in mass. - True
  • Mayuri knows what is going on. - He did in fact know.

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