So for some time i have been thinking about the greater possibilities of what to expect once things calm down in the series. Some of the things are more hopeful then anything but hopefully we will get some answers to some questions that have been long left unanswered. I wont attempt to answer the questions myself as thats speculative and who knows what is what but I will bring them forth as well as the concept of new characters.

New Characters: We have a couple old (new to use) and new in general (still not confirmed but hopefully).

  • Marenoshin Ōmaeda - Former Lieutenant of the 2nd Division and Marchiyo's father.
  • Chikane Iba - Former Lieutenant of the 3rd Divsion and Tetsuzemon's mother.
  • Sōjun Kuchiki - Former Lieutenant of the 6th Division and Byakuya's father.
  • Jin'emon Kotsubaki - Former Lieutenant of the 7th Division and Sentaro's father.
  • Kenpachi Kiganjō - Former Captain of the 11th Division, the guy killed by Zaraki.
  • Seinosuke Yamada - Former Lieutenant of the 4th Division and Hanataro's brother.

These guys will present use a chance at new characters and at least 6 new Zanpakuto to go with them. We also may finally get to see Ginrei's zanpakuto and a personal hopeful for myself would be to finally determine if zanpakuto from family members are similar.

The next issue is the replacement of lost Gotei 13 members. Im not in any way entertaining the idea of any current lieutenant and per hints from Kubo he apparently isnt either. So for me these characters will most likely be entirely new. This will give Kubo the chance to do what he likes most and create new characters to makes storyline around. Also new zanpakuto.

  • 3rd Division Captain
  • 5th Division Captain
  • 9th Division Captain

Also looking forward to possibly finding out more about the Kido Corps. Possible introduction to the current.

  • Kido Captain
  • Vice-Kido Captain

There also seems to be hinting at the inclusion of Ichigo's friends. They all are currently awake and seeing what is happening with their own eyes. This has been in the making for some time sense way back in the beginning. These characters have gained more importance and now they are spiritually aware. Will it be long till they each have a special power like Chad & Orihime or are we still gonna blame the hogyoku for that, least we forget they were just as exposed as Chad and Orihime in some ways. That would be interesting.

The theres the questions to get answered such as:

  • Whats Isshin's Past?
  • Who are the Royal Guard?
  • Whats Urahara's Past?
  • Whats Tessai's Past?
  • Whats Yoruichi's Past?
  • What is up with the Kido Corps?
  • What is the fourth Corps of the stealth force?
  • Whats the past of Unohana?
  • Whats Zaraki's past?
  • What is with Yachiru, Nemu's, Nanao, Iba's, Isane's, Unoahna, zanpakuto's? Why do we know nothing about them?
  • Will Zaraki ever learn his zanpakuto's name or his bankai?

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