So far this whole thing is highly ridiculous at this point. There has been a situation created here similar to DBZ which is a main issue. This overpowered bad guy which nobody can beat. Even the main protagonists doesn't have anything here. Where exactly can this story go. Im not really interested in any twists unless its in the good guys favors cause its just overkill right now. Besides seeing the level of power this story isn't interesting anymore. He is not something to keep around seeing as he is at overkill first time around. You only keep antagonists that try to build up to power over time or you work to get to eventually. This guy is already a level 100. There is no point. Kill him off and let Gin be the main guy or someone new all together who isn't a Shinigami at all. The scenarios that only seem to work is he either gets killed off and replaced or the series ends. If he survives there wont be any other characters. Basically the storyline being brought up here is he is gonna wipe out everyone anyhow. He's not even released and he's taking out captains this is too much, not even believable. In fact the main focus of the strategy was make sure ichigo doesnt see his zanpakuto and now their saying it doesn't matter if he does or not cause Aizen is so powerful he can beat a bankai while he is unreleased. Im really not seeing the point here.

Aizen has an overpowered Zanpakuto. His personality is largely arrogance and meglomania, with no room for much else. Some would call him evil, but there is no evil just cruelty and smugness. Pretty much all the qualities one would find in any person greatly hated. Now he is overpowered without the zanpakuto, for good measure. Not to mention there is no inherent flaw that any antagonist has to be exploited. Im not sure where the story is going. In any normal story that would be fine it could go either way but this is incredibly one sided. Im not sure that this can be a redeemable story after so much of this has been put to print. The only way to rectify it is by overpowering everyone else as well. I dont know but the story is not progressing at all. In retrospect Tosen's final fight was awesome it had all the elements of a good plot line coming to an end. It was anyones game even with the higher level of power Tosen had. The same cant be said here, im a bit disappointed. Even when Ichigo fought the far more powerful (at the time) Ulquiorra there was always room to turn the tables which he did in the end. Ulquiorra was a step or more above him but at least Ichigo could try to keep up and try to fight.

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