Now I don't like to write blogs to much and have been trying to stay away in general but this chapter I had to say something.

Ok we basically get Rangiku finally showing up and saving the lowly humans. Then Aizen gives her some of his Im all powerful any whatever big talk or altruistic or positive action or thing you were saying or doing doesn't mean anything. Gin interrupts grabs her and takes her to a roof top to talk.

Now we get to the actual point. There are many fans of Gin and mainly because they feel there are deep feelings of love between him and Rangiku. The the problem is Gin has shown himself on more then one occasion to be a sociopath and they dont even have understanding of feelings. In Gins case he does know what feelings are but apparently never tried to even act as if he had any. He was always creepy and suspicious. So what are we left with yes he saved her life when they were kids and yes he chose to walk away then engage in battle against her in the SS arc. There may have been some deep feelings there but from the recent actions those feelings are not coming from him. Present actions dictate that this love or close friendship was more fan hopes and dreams then reality. The biggest idea was that Gin would never harm Rangiku that he would sooner turn Shinso against Aizen, even if he knew he would lose in 5.6 seconds. Turns out he would sooner turn Shinso against her for being a annoyance in the way, which is interesting seeing as even in prime form she would be no match for either one of them on their worst day. That deep trancedent love Gin fans would hold out to prove that he was redeemable as a character seems to have gone and went in the span of a chapter. Short of something else to trump the concept i layed out here in future chapters as it currently stands Gin is what he was always thought and portrayed to be, just as much of an irredeemable monster as his master.

I liked the chapter but it seemed like there should have been more of something, anything really except this. I found it confusing that kubo would go to the trouble to bring Rangiku in for no reason but to put her back in a out of the picture position. The only resolution seems to be that Gin's true colors are shown over anything else. We still don't know why he has done what he has done but maybe thats the point. To think there is more but there really isn't. The point being the only one he is close to answer that he apparently didn't answer. The point was brought across better between Tosen, Komamura and Hisagi. In much the same way Kira should have been there as well. But it was what it was.

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