Not really surprised by the amount or lack of progress in this chapter. Doesn't really matter I think at the moment. In any case When it comes to Gin's bankai release I find myself disappointed. Though Im more disappointed in myself instead of what has been presented. After seeing it for myself I question whether or not I should have seen it coming. I know people speculate and so forth and I have thought what it could have been myself with no real idea. Now that I know im kicking myself because it was so obvious, I should have known. Looking at his shikai there was obviously a limitation I think we often forget about Zanpakuto. For every gain or great power advance there is possibly a disadvantage as well. Not discounting how any weapon can be used to a devastating degree. Shinso is used very well in that regard. But in a way it seems the releases get unimaginative after awhile and in others it should just be obvious from day one what they are and we constantly build ourselves up for disappointment. Shinso from the beginning should be obvious it extends out a great distance and that was about it. Now the bankai extends out even further and that may just be about it. Who knows but im not overly impressed and I blame only myself for not knowing better. Sometimes the answer is obvious. Maybe Gin has more to offer yet but currently im not impressed with his zanpakuto as I don't yet see how much different it is to what he was already using.

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